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Download Online Casino Software Is Better

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One of the first choices a new player at an online casino has to make is whether to opt for the download casino software or the no download instant play software. Therefore the player needs to have an adequate understanding of the pros and cons of both these options.

The download casino software is downloaded and installed in the hard disc of the player’s computer. Every time the player does not have to download the basic software but needs to connect to the online casino via the Internet in order to access his account and exchange account related information. The instant play casino software is temporarily stored in the player’s browser. Once the player exits the casino this information is lost and the software needs to be installed in the browser each time the online casino is accessed.

The download casino software is the comprehensive casino offered by the online casino. It offers all the games with all the features of the software. Since the instant play casino uses only the browser its file size is necessarily restricted. Therefore it is a truncated version of the download software. Generally it offers about a third to half the casino games and sometimes it does not offer all the advanced features of the download software. The quality of the gaming also suffers. The graphics, sound and particularly animation require larger temporary space, which is available in the hard disc but not in the browser. Therefore in the browser the colors are sometimes not true and at times the animations are jerky or even missing.   

This is not to say that the instant play software is without value. Under certain circumstances one is constrained to use it despite its disadvantages. The download software is compatible with only Windows. The instant play software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Therefore users of Mac and Linux operating systems have to use the instant play software. The download software can be pretty large in terms of storage space and requires additional free space in the hard disc for temporary use while running. If this is not available with the player, again he is constrained to use the instant play software.

Pros of Download Software

  • One time installation
  • Contains all games and features
  • Runs smoothly

Cons of Download Software

  • The downloading takes time
  • Compatible only with Windows
  • Requires larger memory space

Pros of Instant Play Software

  • The downloading is quick
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Requires limited memory space

Cons of Download Software

  • Has to be installed every time
  • Contains fewer games and features
  • May not run smoothly
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