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Set Limits For Gaming Sessions

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When people plan holidays they budget the amount that can be spent. Accordingly they plan the number of days, the class of hotel accommodation and other parameters. Once these are set then they spend according to the plan and have a good time. In the same manner if players decide how much they can spend on gaming and set limits for each session then their gaming experience will be without worry and more enjoyable.

Holiday spending cannot be planned on a day to day basis without first setting the overall budget. Similarly the limit for each gaming session cannot be planned without looking at the larger financial picture. There are one time expenses that have to be provided for from weekly paychecks. Expenses for painting the house, or a new car or even a holiday ultimately come from weekly paychecks and funds must be set aside for these. Hence it would be prudent to work out annual income and expenditure, keeping aside a portion for savings and emergencies, and then arrive at an annual gaming budget. This can then be allocated into months, weeks and days. If you play only on weekends then the weekend limit can arrived at by dividing the annual budget by 50. If you play daily then the annual budget can be divided by 360 to arrive at the daily limit.

Limits once arrived at should be adhered to. And this is the most difficult part of the exercise. You cannot dip into tomorrow’s quota. If your bankroll for the day is over then you quit. If you have won then you may once in a while enhance the next day’s limit by a portion of the winning, but do not make this a habit. If you find that you are unable to adhere to limits set by yourself online casinos can help in a variety of ways. Most online casinos allow you to enter the limits and would stop accepting your wagers once those limits are reached. They also have self exclusion policies. If you opt for these the online casino would not allow you to wager during the specified exclusion period.

Even if you are an occasional player you should be clear about your limit before starting the gaming session. There is a very simple way to do this. Figure out how much you would spend on the next alternative entertainment, be it a dinner or a ticket to a baseball game. Then set that as a limit. If you lose that amount then forgo the alternative entertainment planned, if you manage to hang on to the bankroll then go ahead as planned and if you win then splurge part of the extra amount.

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