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The Benefits of Video Slot

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Online casinos classify their slot games into two categories, classic slots and video slots. Classic slots are simpler in structure and therefore many players, especially newbie players, migrate towards classic slots.

Classic slots have only three reels and therefore fewer combinations of symbols. Many of the classic slot games are single payline games. The three reel structure of classic slots also imposes restrictions on the features that can be offered. Many do not have wild and scatter symbols and often bonus games are conspicuous by their absence. However it is this lack of features that makes classic slots very easy to understand. It is this simplicity that directs most new players to classic slot games. More correctly stated it is the perceived complexity of video slots that deters new players from playing those games.

New players get overawed by some of the terminology used in the reviews of video slot games, or even in the pay tables and rules of the games. The reason that video slots are feature rich is that they have five reels instead of the three reels found in classic slots. It is this characteristic of video slots that open them to a large number of different features. And it is this diversity that can make it difficult for new players to understand what is happening. Whereas wild symbols are not that difficult to figure out some of the latest video slot games have expanding wild symbols and exploding wild symbols which add to the complexity of the game. Also certain payouts are multiplied by the total bet whereas other payouts are multiplied by the line bet. Bonus games are triggered in many different ways and today innovation in the bonus games of video slots has become the rule. With so much thrust upon them new players seek refuge in classic slots even if it means giving up the fascinating experience that video slots offer.

The latest video slots are a very close in entertainment value to the best of arcade video games. They provide an audio visual treat that classic slot games cannot match. The background graphics, the conscientiously crafted symbols on the rails, the animations displayed when winning combinations are hit, the realism created in bonus games on the second screen and the music and other audio sounds are put together to provide a thematic experience that is of as much value as the payouts are. The players who give video slots a miss are really losing out.

How then can new players overcome their awe of online video slot games? The answer is extremely simple. All online casinos allow players to play for free. In this mode the casinos give the players a starting balance in their casino accounts, which cannot be cashed but only used for playing. Since this is not the player’s money, losing it is not a worry. When the new player starts playing video slots in the free mode he should initially not be bothered whether he is winning or losing. He should concentrate on what is happening on the screen. The new player will soon realize that whenever he is required to perform any act the software will prompt him. This is especially true in bonus games which are perceived as the most confusing aspect of video slots. Therefore the player should simply do as prompted and meanwhile enjoy the audio visual experience the game offers. The next step is to understand the pay tables and how the payouts are made. Again sufficient indicators are provided by the software to figure this out. The understanding only goes to increase the comfort level of the player. It is only after acquiring an understanding of the mechanics of the game the player can focus on bankroll management and trying to ensure that his balance is moving in the upward direction. Once he has achieved some expertise in this the player can switch to playing video slots with his own funds. The understanding of the video slot games may take a few weeks but these few weeks will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

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